Why we're doing it

The traditional insurance ecosystem is slow, inefficient, and burdened by intermediaries and conflicting stakeholder goals. We're working hard to resolve that.

Our Vision

To shape the future of tomorrow’s insurance through innovative, blockchain-based products and protocols.

Our Mission

We are on the mission to build a new insurance infrastructure, re-thinking every part of how it works from the ground up.

Our Values

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We enable the seamless transfer of risk between parties in the network by replacing traditional agreements with self-executing code stored on the blockchain.

Covest Finance provide a protocol that integrates the risk pool with the DeFi ecosystem (Decentralized Risk Market, Decentralized Reinsurance, Crowdfunded Capital Provider from Covest Finance, and Covest Finance Treasury) and makes use of smart contracts to monitor capital balance and risk exposure.

Covest Finance offer services to make sure that each risk pool's risk assessment process accurately reflects the portfolio's actual valuation and risk model.

Covest Finance offer services to reconfigure the claim assessment process to protect fraud claims and minimize any potential moral hazard to the portfolio.


Sukrit Boonyakrai
Co-Founder & CEO
Nawapan Arampibulkit
Co-Founder & CTO
Nawapat Buakoet
Co-Founder & Blockchain Specialist
Anoosara Dalert
Community and Marketing Lead
Sorawit Sawaengsuk
Product Development Lead